Are you considering buying a car abroad?

If you are dreaming and buying a sports car, SUV or other exclusive car, you will find an incomparably wider range in Germany. And thanks to greater competition, these cars are also cheaper. You can save more than CZK 100,000 on luxury models compared to buying in the Czech Republic.

Buying a car in Germany is better equipment

Buying a car in Germany is better equipment

Another advantage of buying a car in Germany is better equipment. The Germans are used to pay extra for extra gadgets, but even the basic equipment is at a higher level. So for the same price you bring a car with heated seats, a camera system or a display on the back of the front seats.

Before you buy a car, it is thoughtful to reserve it ahead of time

Before you buy a car, it is thoughtful to reserve it ahead of time

So when you go for your dream car, you have to think about a few important things:

Beware of twisted speedometers

In this respect, the German market is no better than the Czech market. According to the German car club, the mileage is adjusted by up to a third of cars.

Keep your emotions at bay

Do you want to take your pet home as soon as possible? Keep your head cool or repay your earnings. Do not succumb to the feeling that when you go so far, you just have to buy something. You don’t have to. Not at all.

Read the contracts

f you don’t speak German, take someone who does. It pays off. The legal enforceability of guarantees and complaints is very complicated and in the case of a badly written contract double.

Check the merchant

Some sellers will allow Czech customers what they would never try for the Germans and will want to take advantage of your uncertainty and linguistic ignorance. Make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. You don’t have to worry about reputable dealers, but you pay extra.

No longer have to pay VAT

No longer have to pay VAT

When you buy a new car, you pay VAT in the country where you register the car, ie in the Czech Republic. For used cars from professional dealers, you pay VAT in the country where you buy the car. In the Czech Republic you no longer have to pay VAT. Think of the registration fees. How much and what you pay for, read the infographics:

Transport of the vehicle

Transport of the vehicle

If you are transporting the car yourself (sitting behind the wheel), you must obtain motor third-party liability insurance and transfer license plates. This does not apply if you tow or transport the car otherwise.

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