Broker buying back credit and pooling loans

Broker in credit buyback and credit consolidation

The credit and loan consolidation broker is an expert who allows you to buy back your debts through a bank with which he is in contact.

Real estate loans and consumer loans represent amounts of monthly payments that can seriously complicate the end of the month. The repurchase of the credits in their entirety can be regrouped in one and the same credit, after checking the opportunity of such a banking operation. In principle, the one and only monthly payment will be drastically reduced in order to lighten the household budget.

Broker Redeeming real estate loans


First of all the home loan credit redemption is the simplest bank transaction. The bank buys back the borrower’s debt by repaying the advance loan in the competing lender. Once the transaction has been completed, the total cost will be transferred to a new real estate loan that retains the same object to be financed by updating the financing conditions. It is not uncommon for the transaction to be the operation to be beneficial in the rate. Indeed, the fall in rates is such that substantial savings are realized on this occasion.

Broker Regroupement of credits


The loan pooling broker is studying the possibility of prepaying a series of loans for financing purposes. He can turn to a personal loan or a consumer credit plus home loans or even professional loans. The primary goal will be to increase repayment capacity to the borrower who does not live well before all these monthly payments of another time.

Before embarking on the new money loans, the broker will make the redemption simulation in order to restore the purchasing power of a share by reducing the amount of the new and unique monthly payment adapted to your current project.

Real estate loan buyouts are offered to banking partners who specialize in this technique. The broker does not lose sight of getting the best rates, which must be specified in recent times are not a problem given the steady decline in rates.

In general, consumer credit is often cited as a target for household debt. Indeed, the amounts of these consumer loans are not very important a priori, but also of short duration, thus increasing the household expenses.

Household debt distress


The concern with these additional credits strains the budget for relative capital after all. these credits are distributed by the merchant at the same time as the household appliances very often. Also the financial situation can not be observed in more detail. The loan offer is in all respects compliant, yet is it adapted to your situation. Applying to a broker is not essential, but in this situation when the debt ratio flirts with the 40% the advice becomes a recommendation.

Very often the broker analyzes the first conso credits that serve just to see a little everything, including the loan work because of its simplicity. The repurchase case aims at the repayment of the credits, by carrying out banking operations with the banking partners specialized in this kind of transactions.

Find a loan buyback broker and grouping


The peculiarity of this credit consolidation operation lies in the application of the SCRIVENER law 1 and 2. There can be no question of missing this transaction by an excess of optimism. Also, do not be offended that the broker asks you your payslips, your last three months of account statements, he insists on your personal data, on your family situation and of course the household expenses.

The broker will be vigilant about the causes of this debt. The banking operation must succeed and in no way worsen your new situation.

A broker advises you for free and no money can be requested before the release of the loans.

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