Increase in demand for loans in the SME sector

From January to March, the demand for loans reported by small and medium enterprises increased by 24% and 16% respectively. Such conclusions result from GHL research conducted in cooperation with 25 banks, whose total share of claims on enterprises and households in the banking sector portfolio is about 86%.

– GHL data is the best evidence that Polish entrepreneurs are convinced that external financing can be used to achieve their own business goals – says Mark Dule, a financial advisor working with companies.

Credit policy has encouraged

Credit policy has encouraged

One of the factors determining the popularity of loans among small and medium-sized enterprises was the relatively stable policy of banks. As expected from the previous quarter, the terms of cooperation in this regard did not change significantly in the first months of the year.

– Security of financing conditions is crucial in making this type of decision. Regardless of whether they are people who have been using such products for many years or just want to develop their business – says Mark Dule.

It is true that some financial institutions admitted that during this period they increased the margins for higher-risk loans and increased non-interest loan costs, but these changes resulted from worrying analyzes of the situation of the largest borrowers – mainly from the mining sector and concerned rather large enterprises.

Development is the greatest motivation

Development is the greatest motivation

The stability of lending rules coincided with a greater demand from companies for financing inventory and working capital. Does this mean that smaller companies will be convinced to use banking services?

We would like to remind you that currently only 25% of micro companies (employing up to 10 employees) use external financing (according to the Pekao SA report). When we look at the data of small businesses, 50% of them declare taking loans.

If the announcements of the GHL data declarations come true and in the second and third quarters the banks relax the lending policy for SMEs, the number of micro and small companies that are tempted to support the bank may increase, says Mark Dule.

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