Art photography

Quick tip: reach out to curators and collectors to advance your career as an art photographer

Art photographers say most of the opportunities that have helped their careers have come from the relationships they’ve forged with mentors, gallery directors, curators and collectors. In “Promotional Strategies of Art Photographers to Reach Curators and Collectors,” several photographers offer tips for building these relationships. Photographer Zora J Murff advises her students, “Always have a […]

Art crafts

In 2019, Made-in-Rwanda diversified into arts and crafts and agribusiness | New times

Since 2015, the term “Made in Rwanda” has become familiar to Rwandans. But since its launch, the expression has mainly been linked to textiles, crafts and food products. In 2019, “Made in Rwanda” became more than arts and crafts and the food industry, thus adding other departments to its section: e-mobility and smartphones. e-Mobility Rwanda’s […]