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A Colorado Etch A Sketch Queen Creates Awesome Art On Classic Toy | Culture & Leisure

Daneeca Medina found her artistic niche in college when she bought an Etch A Sketch. (Video by Katie Klann) Daneeca Medina did not see what the problem was. Until his friends stood around the kitchen table in this stunned manner. Until classmates start hovering over his shoulders. Until strangers noticed what she was doing and […]

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The Wellin Museum of Art presents “Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine”

Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine invites visitors to collaboratively realign and reconfigure the Dietrich exhibition gallery at the Wellin Museum of Art. Visitors touch and turn hollow black beams, setting in motion a spatial cause-and-effect relay. The walls separate and slide, creating new lines of sight, while the light tracks move up and down, altering the […]

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Art around the city – flag pole

ACC LIBRARY (2025 Baxter St.) Local artist Matt Brewster presents “Radiance,” a collection of landscape, interior and aerial / drone photographs. Until October. ATHENAEA (287 W. Broad St.) “Trevor Paglen: Vision After Seeing” explores the limits of human vision and the rise of automated vision technologies such as surveillance cameras and high-powered telescopes. Until December […]

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MFA’s new exhibition examines fine art photography from the 1970s • St Pete Catalyst

The tectonic shift in the status of photography as compound art, as opposed to photojournalism, or “capturing the moment”, began in the 1970s. Back then, “television was bringing war home, and bringing stories into people’s living rooms,” says Allison Moore, curator of photography at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. This, she said, marked […]

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Burning Man fights for money, starts art auction with Sotheby’s

unlimited space, running out of funds As Burning Man struggles to stay afloat, organizers are hosting an auction in partnership with Sotheby’s. the association hopes the move will help it move towards financial stability, at least until the festival tickets go on sale in 2022 in January. the auction, nicknamed unlimited space … the possibilities […]

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Pamplin Media Group – Woodstock resident publishes book of poetry and art

Some approach the pandemic blues by taking on a personal jogging challenge; others create and publish a book! The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has prompted some people to seek creative ways to cope with isolation and feelings of dislocation in society and in self. A Woodstock resident used her artistic abilities to console herself and come […]