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Alexia Sinclair: The queen of fine art photography | Maitland Mercury

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Alexia Sinclair continued her reign as queen of the fine art photography world with another bright and decadent visual feast. Shot in a Swedish castle, A Frozen Tale is a collection of images, inspired by Sinclair’s image of Queen Christina of Sweden from her famous series The Regal Twelve. “At the beginning of last year, the Royal Swedish Armory invited me to participate in an exhibition at the Royal Palace in Stockholm,” said Sinclair. “It was a very exciting invitation and of course we had planned to travel to Sweden to attend the opening of the exhibition at the Royal Palace with Swedish princesses and aristocracy. “When I asked if I could photograph one of the princesses, they said no, but we can give you a castle to do a photoshoot in a place called Skokloster Slott.” This is where A Frozen Tale began her journey. “Sinclair, from Maitland, was seven weeks pregnant at the time of filming and the castle was on a frozen lake 80 kilometers from Stockholm.” We could only find six days in our schedule for Sweden and had to fly 60 hours in those six days, all during the morning sickness phase, “Sinclair said.” And it was a big project, we had about 40 people coming in. ‘To attend this shoot. People came from all over the world to participate in this project and for most of them English was their second language. To find her models, Sinclair put out a casting call on her site Web and in social media for people of e all shapes and sizes. “Our youngest model was three weeks old and our oldest was 70 years old. Photographing a newborn baby in a frozen castle was a challenge, ”she said. “It was a dramatic journey.” The first exhibition in the series will be held on January 18 at the Queensland Center for Photography, the next will be at Skokloster Castle in Sweden.


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