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Art Of Dancho presents an award-winning collection of state-of-the-art photography as NFT

Dancho Atanasov, world-renowned award-winning artist, proudly presents his photography collection as a set of non-fungible tokens available on Opensea that represents beauty with a unique aesthetic feel.

As digital technology continues to change the way people perceive and interact with the world around them, blockchain technology is poised to alter the existing artistic paradigm. For non-fungible or NFT tokens, the digital artwork industry is challenging the traditional art trade. The Nft domain is expected to transform the landscape of photography due to its many qualities and advantages. To deliver a never-before-seen experience, Art of Dancho has launched an award-winning collection of nft photography that captures everyone’s attention.

Dancho Atanasov, the magician behind Art of Dancho, creates award-winning fine art photography and visual art that captures the pure and intense emotion of life. Private collectors collect his work all over the world. Its award-winning nft photography collection represents an innovative approach to the production and consumption of artwork by providing an affordable, transparent and decentralized way to collect original artwork.

World renowned photographer Dancho Atanasov’s ever-growing collection of photographs has won the hearts of many art critics and is considered one of the finest achievements of the photography industry. His distinctive style of turning mundane scenes into kinetic works of art makes his photography stand out from other photographers. Each NFT is an authentic viewing experience and personal immersion opportunity in Vortex’s fine art photography at Casa Batllo. One-of-a-kind NFTs are available on, the best-known NFT marketplace.

Asked about the uniqueness of the collection, Mr. Dancho Atanasov said, “The Art of Dancho NFT collection is a project that seeks to bring experiences of art and blockchain technology together for users to collect and experience. to profit from. Owning this piece of digital art isn’t just another collectible – it’s a way of life to celebrate art.

The main purpose of Dancho Atanasov’s NFT work is to create and preserve art that moves, provokes and inspires. The collection contains a wide variety of images and all kinds of genres, such as black and white, architectural photography and experimental photography.

Dancho NFTs are valuable in addition to the artwork, which makes the purchase more sound. With every purchase, the NFT art collector will get unlockable content – free photo print on aluminum dibond size 60 × 40 in (152 × 101 cm), author’s catalog and certificate of authenticity (valid only for the first collector ). Worldwide shipping is also free.

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