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Art Within Subscription Box Service Boosts Creativity

Lindsay Keeling was an artist all his life.

“I took classes at a young age, learned fundamental skills, and as I got older I created more and more abstract art,” Keeling said. “I found my own unique style.”

Keeling went on to study studio art, marketing and entrepreneurship, earning a Masters in Business Administration from the University of West Florida.

“In terms of school and career, I went the corporate route, the business route,” Keeling said.

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Yet there was another spark of inspiration that she just couldn’t get rid of.

“I always knew I wanted to do something creative,” Keeling said. “Having my own creative business – at some point. It always felt like something I would have further into the future.”

But when the pandemic affected the world as we knew it, Keeling decided to stop waiting and started exploring and fueling that spark a bit more.

“I think part of it was just the pandemic and rethinking my values ​​and what I was spending so much time on,” Keeling said. “I was really thinking about the impact I could have here in the local community. As an artist, this is something I can do to give back. I have the skills to put together an art project and really simplify it, and put it out there for everyone. For beginners, families trying to get creative. So I really try to encourage creativity.

interior artKeeling’s new venture, is an art project subscription box service for children and families ages 6 and up that welcomes all skill levels.

“The reason I chose the subscription model is to make it more fun and convenient for families to get creative,” Keeling said. “Some families might not know where to start. They might not have the art supplies on hand or they just don’t know what to create. With the subscription box, you get it all. what you need in the box. You get the simple instructions, the learning concepts with a bit of art history, and you get a video tutorial where I personally walk you through the art project. it’s the complete creative experience.

Each box comes with a theme, a project, and an opportunity to learn more about an artist who masters that particular medium. For example, May’s art box offers acrylic paint and an opportunity to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh.

Art Within is a subscription box service for art projects for children and families.

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“Being creative can build confidence,” Keeling said. “It can really instill a sense of pride, once they’ve completed their artwork, and it could also help express themselves.”

If you want to try it but still aren’t sure, people can buy unique boxes and gift cards to give to friends and family.

“I always encourage you to tag us on social media and share your artwork, as we will occasionally feature you and your artwork on our website and social media pages,” Keeling said. “It’s part of the fun and encouraging environment that I try to create.”

According to Keeling, creating an encouraging environment cannot be done exclusively through a strong presence in digital media. She will begin hosting hands-on, family-friendly events and workshops later this month. The first is scheduled for May 22 at Alga Beer Co. in East Hill.

“We’re going to explore oil pastels, learn some basic techniques, and get creative together,” Keeling said. “There will be more information about the event on our social media pages very soon.”

In addition to the workshops, Keeling also made appearances at local events and festivals, publicizing their new concept.

“If you’re curious about getting creative and don’t think you’re an artist, give it a try,” Keeling said. “Just take small steps and you will be surprised at what will open up to you.

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