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Author’s new art book ‘Cemetery Reflections’ receives warm literary reception

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the book Non-Fiction – Art/Photography “Cemetery Reflections” by Jane Hopkins, currently available at

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“Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite

Many will think it’s just a coffee table book, but it’s so much more. Death has been sanitized in modern society. As a result, very few people alive today were with a loved one at the time of death. We tried to keep death away from us as much as possible. However, Jane Hopkins in Cemetery Reflections brings the reader face to face with mortality. One thing that all of humanity has in common is death. We all die at some point. This book is full of photographs of headstones from various cemeteries. In this book, it will be seen that death comes to the old and to the young. Looking at the photos, I felt at peace with death. The prose and verse that provide the text of this book give food for thought on death. Reading this book will put you in a reflective mood and bring peace for the future.

Author Jane Hopkins lets us walk alongside her as she visits various cemeteries. During these walks we get a glimpse of how death has been viewed over the centuries. Reading the epitaphs, one can see that loved ones wept but also accepted the inevitable. Put this book on the coffee table, but pick it up once in a while to remind yourself that life is short and we have to live it to the fullest. I was amazed at the similarities between headstones in New England cemeteries and those in Georgia and South Carolina. It shows that death is a common factor of life no matter where you live.

You can read more about Jane Hopkins and “Cemetery Reflections” at where you can read the author’s reviews and biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through his website. and social media pages.

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