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Awesome gift for yourself: the provocative new ‘Gorillaz Art Book’

As 2020 – the first year of COVID – drew to a close, we reported that Gorillaz flew decisively in the face of such a great tragedy by having a more creative and productive year than any musical entity could possibly have. right. Everyone’s favorite animated group was a little quieter this year, possibly due to Damon Albarn recording and then releasing his second solo album, The closer the fountain, the purer the stream, November 12. If you missed it, do yourself a favor and check out the title track and “Royal Morning Blue”.

Corn Gorillaz reappeared in August, on the one hand to pay a musical tribute to the legendary Notting Hill Carnival in London, which was canceled for the second year in a row, but then continued in a scaled-down form. And with another virus-infested year reaching its emotionally draining conclusion, we can only say that if you really need something to look forward to in 2022, then treat yourself to a truly unmistakable holiday gift by pre-ordering the new book. ‘art called, well …The Gorillaz Art Book.

In partnership with New York Z2 comics, this is the result of the group and Jamie Hewlett who specifically select over 40 guest designers to offer their own visual interpretation of the existential meaning of Gorillaz. The artists chosen were those who generally worked at the more provocative end of the creative spectrum, including Chloe Nicolay, Daniela Uhlig, Holly Warburton, Zeen Chin, Ruffmercy and, naturally, Hewlett himself. But there are also some surprises from special guests, the rapper Del the Funky Homosapien, French fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, actor and rocker comedian Jack Black, and even Robert Smith of The Cure all made their unique contributions to this truly monumental project.

“We’re thrilled to have helped bring together so many intoxicating interpretations of Gorillaz in one volume,” enthuses Joshua Frankel, publisher of Z2 Comics. “The Gorillaz Art Book embraces the vibrant collaboration Jamie and Damon introduced over two decades ago and extends it to an incredible community of transgressive artists. The results speak for themselves. “

Sadly, the high-quality 288-page book won’t be available until this spring. But think how easier it will be to survive the cold winter months, knowing that Gorillaz will soon be appearing in your mailbox.

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