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book “Small Town Big Art” celebrates 100 Carpinteria artists | Culture & Leisure

Carpinteria’s vibrant artist community is both the subject and beneficiary of an amazing new book titled “Small Town Big Art: 100 Artists of Carpinteria”. Presale orders are now underway for the book, which is slated for release this fall.

David Powdrell, former president of the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center, conceived the book as an expression of gratitude to the local arts community, which provided support for the arts center while Powdrell was chairman of the board from 2010-2019. During his tenure, the center underwent significant expansion and renovation, and at every step, Carpinteria artists generously contributed their energy, expertise and artistry.

“The artists at Carpinteria are diverse, they are wildly creative, they are daring and courageous and they are all so fun to be around. This book aims to recognize them as accomplished artists, but more importantly, it’s my way of saying thank you, ”said Powdrell.

Profits from “Small Town Big Art” will benefit the arts center through subscribers whose contributions have covered all costs of producing the book. “With that kind of support,” said Powdrell, “it was a no-brainer that 100% of every sale would go to the Lynda Fairly Carpinteria Arts Center. Local artists win, community wins, arts center wins.

The 12 x 12 inch hardback book contains two page pages dedicated to each of the 100 artists, which range from conductors, dancers and potters to painters, poets and musicians. The artists presented are presented with professional portraits, several images of their works and a short Q&A that highlights their relationship with art and with Carpinteria.

The production of “Small Town Big Art” involved the contributions of many volunteer photographers, editors and graphic designers. Powdrell worked closely with a small team made up of supporters of the arts community Marco Rigonati, Christie Boyd, Janey Cohen and Lea Boyd.

“Dreams can truly come true when you surround yourself with passionate, artistic and creative people with a common vision and a powerful, important message. The arts matter! said Powdrell.

Books cost $ 50 and can be pre-ordered for home delivery or pick up at the arts center. Pre-orders can be placed at

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