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Burning Man fights for money, starts art auction with Sotheby’s


unlimited space, running out of funds

As Burning Man struggles to stay afloat, organizers are hosting an auction in partnership with Sotheby’s. the association hopes the move will help it move towards financial stability, at least until the festival tickets go on sale in 2022 in January. the auction, nicknamed unlimited space … the possibilities of burning man, will feature physical artwork, NFTs, experiments, and even a concept car. it makes sense that the festival is strapped for cash, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced it to cancel two years in a row.

unlimited space… the possibilities of burning man | video courtesy of sotheby’s
header image: jan leeroy new | bid here

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sotheby’s auction features over 100 eclectic works by artists from and outside the Burning Man community. the works of art and experiences will be available for auction until October 8, with auctions reaching tens of thousands of dollars so far. group notes auction to be held in line with Burning Man’s commitment to radical inclusion, diversity and fairness – the organization fosters new relationships by inviting the work of black artists , indigenous and colored (BIPOC).

rocket car by david best | bid here

the future of black rock city

the auction is the first of its kind for the nonprofit, which hopes to raise enough money to survive after the canceled festivals of 2020 and 2021. the event usually takes place the week before Labor Day, attracting around 70,000 festival-goers with ticket prices ranging from US $ 400 to US $ 1,400.

While Burning Man made nearly $ 43 million in 2019, the 2020 cancellation cost the organization 90% of its annual revenue. according to display panel: During the pandemic, the organization collected $ 12 million in major donations and gifts, received a federal PPP loan of $ 27 million, spent $ 10 million from its operating reserve, recovered $ 3 million through 2020 ticket donations (potential attendees donated the money they spent on their tickets instead of a refund) and cut its budget by $ 24 million without laying off any staff from Burning Man.

Burning Man Sotheby's
fvckrender (animated NFT) | bid here

after two years of cancellation, struggling Burning Man launches art auction with Sotheby'sgrotest maru, learn to walk on stilts | bid here


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