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Dark Souls, Bloodborne Fan Art Book started with VaatiVidya

In less than an hour, the Kickstarter for Soul Arts fan art has surpassed its target of € 50,000 and with 26 days to go is over € 660,000.

A new art book with fan-made pieces depicting invisible elements of Dark souls, Transmitted by blood, and other Software Titles was launched with the help of famous YouTuber Souls, VaatiVidya. The book will even contain artistic interpretations of the developer’s next title, Ancient ring, which is currently scheduled to launch on January 21, 2022.

As of 2012, VaatiVidya has grown into one of the most popular YouTubers when it comes to everything FromSoftware with a subscriber count currently approaching nearly two million. Much of the content the channel is known for revolves around the tradition of Dark souls series as well as the tradition of Demon souls, Transmitted by blood, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. While creating all of this content over the past few years, VaatiVidya has also managed to run five fan art contests focused on FromSoftware titles and now submissions for these contests can all be found in one place.

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Soul arts is a recent launch Kickstarter the fan art features inspired by Dark souls, Demon souls, Transmitted by blood, Sekiro, and even Ancient ring. The book has no official connection to any of these FromSoftware titles, which makes the art unique as it is entirely focused on locations, bosses, and weapons not found in any of the Dark souls games although some are mentioned. Vaati Vidya posted a video featuring Soul arts as well as the Kickstarter promotion, which went live on August 13. Less than an hour after the launch, donors cleared the Soul arts target of € 50,000 (or $ 58,842) and with 26 of the 30 days remaining, the current total for the Kickstarter is over € 660,000 (or $ 770,000).

While the concept alone was probably enough to attract large amounts of support, support for the artists who contributed to the project likely added to the success. According to VaatiVidya, more than a hundred artists whose work could be in Soul arts were compensated for their submissions. Now, thanks to the overwhelming support, these artists will receive a bonus as well as their own free copies of the finished product. The names of featured artists will appear next to their work and links to their portfolios will be found on the back of the book.

Although not quite on the scale of the now famous critical role Kickstarter, there are some similarities between this one and Soul arts. Both creators seemed to underestimate the level of support in their respective communities, resulting in massive funding that might not have been so surprising to a keen observer. Soul Arts appears to be a smash hit just four days after the start of its Kickstarter campaign and that will no doubt contribute to the excitement surrounding Softwarethe highly anticipated 2022 release, Ancient ring.

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Source: Kickstarter, Vaati Vidya / YouTube

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