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Final Fantasy VII Remake Art Book coming later this year – Cinelinx


Square Enix has announced a brand new behind-the-scenes art book for Final Fantasy VII remake will launch later this year.

Fans of the long-awaited (and still ongoing) Square Enix remake Final Fantasy VII have even more to look forward to this year with the arrival of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE: Ultimania Material. More than just an art book, the 300-page tome brings a greater behind-the-scenes look (with interviews) on how the developers brought this game to life.

Filled with art and visual reference materials used during game development, this deluxe hardcover volume is a must-have for fans of the hit video game Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Material Ultimania features a comprehensive collection of production and CG art assets, including character models and artwork, locations and backgrounds, props, weapons, enemies, and more. ., all accompanied by comments from the staff. This volume also includes in-depth costume references, cutscene storyboards, voiceover notes from songs from the sound crew, and Q&A interviews with Japanese actors.

While it’s a disappointment that we will have to wait until December 7 for this to kick off, it should make a perfect Christmas present.


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