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Gallo Fall Festival Chili Cooking Contest to Benefit ‘Lewiston Landing’ Sculpture

Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen is hosting a Fall Festival fundraiser to benefit the creation and installation of the “Lewiston Landing” sculpture. (Images courtesy of Dan Buttery and Michael Hibbard)

Fri, October 7, 2022 11:00 a.m.

By Joshua Maloni

Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief

Michael Hibbard and his flagship Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen will host a Chili Cooking Contest and Fall Festival on Saturday, October 15 to raise money for the “Lewiston Landing” sculpture.

Fundraising begins at 1 p.m. and includes a raffle, live music, chili tastings, and a beer deal courtesy of Brickyard Brewing Company. Tickets will be available onsite at Gallo, 402 Center St. Weather permitting, the event will take place in the courtyard.

The highlight of the afternoon will be a friendly chili competition between Gallo, Apple Granny, BBC, Spicey Pickle, The Villa and The Village Diner.

Hibbard said, “It all kind of started because Dan Buttery and I really talked about art in our community. And he, with Chris Stanek, who will be the electrician, they install the sculpture “Lewiston Landing”. (Dan) is going to provide all of his time and materials to get this done and donated. …

“I said, ‘Why don’t we try to do some sort of fundraising around this,’ just to raise some money so he doesn’t have to soak it all up. And we have in kind of started talking, back and forth, and we said, ‘Why not make it like a chili contest in some sort of fall-type festival?’ At this time hopefully the weather holds.

“We reached out to other restaurateurs in the community, and they were all on board.”

Buttery said, “We are fundraising for the cost of materials, like metal, welding supplies, paint, concrete work and room lighting, and any unforeseen costs. I’m volunteering my time to build this piece, which I’ll likely take over a few hundred hours to build and install.

“I will have the 4ft ‘Lewiston’ letters at the event (from the sign). Local businesses are donating gift cards and coins for our auction event. I will be auctioning off a few – some of my metal pieces for the auction. There will be live music.

“After getting approval from the boards, I wanted to make it a community project. I’ll make a plaque for the donors when I have the piece in place.

“And if it’s successful, we could do it every year to add funds to other projects in Lewiston.”

‘Lewiston Landing’

In late July, Buttery presented an idea to the village council to create and install a “Lewiston Landing” metal sign – and accompanying metal fish – on North Water Street. Artist Black Lab Metal Fab donates the sculpture to the municipality.

Around this time, Buttery said, “You see, when people are on vacation, they try to find a place where they can take a picture to say that’s where they are. There’s probably nothing in Lewiston to say, ‘Hey, I’m in Lewiston, New York.’ Something like that, with the exposure there, people are going to take pictures with it. It will be a staple for years to come.

Hibbard said, “It’s really kind of a culmination of what Dan and I have been talking about for a while in this community, and it kind of started about four or five years ago now. We teamed up on sculptures for Lewiston-Porter, and I think that kind of lit a fire under both of us. We really wanted to benefit our community by providing three dimensional art forms throughout Lewiston.

“Dan really took it upon himself to choose this location for the ‘Lewiston Landing’ sculpture and to provide some sort of start – or restart. What we would like to accomplish in this community is to provide more public art.

Fran and Marie Williams donate a bronze sculpture to the Village of Lewiston. Artist Dan Buttery made this rendering showing the room created by Julie Silver at the southeast corner of Fourth and Tuscarora streets.


More art in Lewiston

Hibbard said, “Dan and I are restoring the ‘Spirit of Victory’ sculpture towards Joe Davis.”

During Monday’s board meeting, Mayor Anne Welch announced that Lewiston residents Fran and Marie Williams were donating a bronze sculpture to the village. The piece was created by Lewiston-Porter graduate Julie Silver.

The target installation location is near the main entrance to Artpark State Park, at the southeast corner of Fourth and Tuscarora streets.

Welch said the Lewiston Garden Club would like to plant around the sculpture.

“It’s really big – it’s like 8 feet tall; but it’s really, really cool,” she said. “We’ve had conversations with Artpark about doing something when you walk into Artpark to make it look pretty.”

She told the directors, “It’s like the shape of a woman. You have to go see it, because it’s really, really, really cool. … It will look nice. … I think it would be a nice addition to this corner. This would somehow frame the entrance to Artpark.

Hibbard said, “We really talked about different things and pitched it to other artists as well. So this is, like I said, the start of something that I think we’re on the right track with.

Shortly after being elected to her first term in 2018, Welch said she intended to promote Lewiston’s art scene, bringing plays and even installing works at Academy Park.

Artpark & ​​Company has also increased the amount of artwork surrounding the performing arts venue since the hiring of President Sonia Kozlova Clark in 2015.