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Good World Goods of Chattanooga has been offering locally made and ethically sourced fine art, gifts for over a decade.

Victoria York-Tomlinson and her husband Brad didn’t quite follow the book when they opened Good World Goods in 2009 in the midst of the Great Recession.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” said Brad Tomlinson unmoved.

However, the couple more than weathered this storm and are now settling into a 2,500 square foot space at the intersection of East Brainerd and Jenkins Roads. This place is not only home to Good World Goods, but also their art gallery, The Makers LLC.

York-Tomlinson says she and her husband have strived to make Good World Goods, a gift shop specializing in unique gifts and household items, a reflection of their desire to “live real life” and “do what we believe in “.

“Everything in the store is home-made or small-maker,” she says. “The words around our logo are ‘artisanal, fair trade, local, sustainable’.”

The Makers not only features works by the couple – York-Tomlinson says she and her husband are avid artists in various media and have already sold 65 paintings in a single year – but also a variety of local artists. York-Tomlinson says the couple made their gallery debut with a reception in February.

“We have canvas art, glass art, metal sculpture and pottery,” she says. “We have a carpenter who makes furniture, and almost anything can be personalized – the artists we book through the store do custom work. We also work a lot with interior designers.”

It’s a far cry from that 2009 opening at Hixson who York-Tomlinson said had friends scratching their heads.

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“People have asked us, ‘Are you starting a business now? »», She remembers. “But we actually grew quite quickly. People were buying small. Instead of buying new, they brought us furniture to refurbish.”

Tomlinson says the First Store had everything from 99-cent worry dolls to $ 3,000 paintings – too much of everything for the space, in fact.

“It was tiny,” he says. “Furniture stacked on top of furniture about 500 square feet. “

The couple wanted to move into the space they now occupy then, but Tomlinson says it was “just out of reach” at this point. Instead, they moved to another location in East Brainerd, and then took the stakes out again a few years later for a space further away.

Finally, in 2020, the couple got the space they’ve coveted for years. It was the company’s fourth move in just over a decade, but York-Tomlinson takes his hat off to its loyal clientele.

“We’re so lucky,” York-Tomlinson says. “We’ve done a lot of promotion on social media and a lot of newspapers and other advertisements, but we’ve been fortunate to have a core of customers who appreciate what we do. Many of our customers back then we were in Hixson continues to buy from us. “

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* Address: 7794 Brainerd Road East

The couple made their latest move amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But York-Tomlinson says that just as she and her husband had the right approach to open during the Great Recession, they changed their methods for the pandemic.

“Who would have thought it would last so long?” she says. “We were touched, of course, but we changed direction and moved forward. Business on our website has doubled: our customers order online, buy and pick up.

“We adapt to our clients. Instead of digging in and telling them ‘This is who we are’ and forcing them to deal with us on our terms, we have adapted,” she says.

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