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Grand Rapids artist publishes art book on American homes

“Hand-Painted Houses: An Artist’s Pen and Watercolor Journey Across America” ​​contains over 650 paintings in its 280 pages. Courtesy of Leisa Collins

Leisa Collins, an architectural artist living in Grand Rapids, recently published an art book, “Hand Painted Homes: An Artist’s Pen & Watercolor Journey Across America,” featuring American homes.

According to his websiteCollins was alarmed by the number of beautiful historic homes that are destroyed every day in the United States, and so she set out on a mission to tell the story of American architecture through her art,

Her travels have taken her to all 50 states where she has created original paintings in 30 types of different architectural styles.

The delivered, published May 15, contains over 650 paintings in its 280 pages. The cover of the book depicts one of Collins’ favorite Victorian homes in Grand Rapids. In addition to the cover, there is a sketch of the oldest building in the state, a watercolor of the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland State Park, and many other drawings of buildings from across the state.

“Although I am originally from New Zealand, I have a deep love and respect for American architecture,” Collins said. “I was particularly inspired by Michigan’s landscape, history, people and variety of home styles. “

In the artwork, Collins includes stories behind the designs of single-family homes and how geography, industry, politics, economy, available resources and melting pot culture have shaped the face of the architecture in America.

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