Art book

In the magnificent new art book of the Sarabande Foundation

Although we live in the digital age, consuming the majority of our media through phones and computers, nothing compares to the tangible touch of a book or magazine. This special feeling, from hand to paper, is explored to its full potential in the beautiful new art book Sarabande bound, which arrives exclusively at Dover Street Market London this week.

Wrapped in traditional Japanese furoshiki style, the hand-bound publication explores the beauty of paper and its vast creative possibilities. The book – which is published in a limited edition of 100 – features works by 130 artists who have been supported by the Sarabande Foundation, which was launched by Lee Alexander McQueen in 2006 to encourage emerging artists and designers. Not two Leap the books are exactly the same, although each includes an array of sculpted, cut, embossed, perforated, hand painted, embroidered and dyed artwork.

Highlights inside Leap include Emma Witter’s transparent windows, which trap crushed bones, flowers, and pearls in hypnotic circular patterns; a black paper ribbon curled over a bright yellow Aurora Pettinari York; and floral ink works by Stephen Doherty. The book also features a series of dreamy black and white portraits taken by Sam Rock and styled by Katy England, which originally appeared in the Fall / Winter 2019 issue of AnOther.

“We challenged our artists to get out of their usual practice and present themselves in an unexpected way,” explains Trino Verkade, director of Sarabande. “The result is spellbinding – the completed works of art are entirely unique, both in the art world and in each artist’s distinctive body of work … binding individual works on paper to create a work of art. larger art, Leap touches on the feeling of unity within Sarabande.

Sarabande Bound is available in a limited edition of 100 books from November 30, 2021 at London Dover Street Market and