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Incredibly Unique Art Gifts: 33 Perfect Gifts For The Most Creative People In Your Life

Editor’s Note: PaperCity is counting down to the holidays with ultra-curated and distinctive gift guides.

Mhe personal approach to Christmas gifts begins and ends with Art – yes, a capital A – with an emphasis on Texas talent.

There is also always a nod to Pop, a native of Warhol’s hometown, especially canvases or sculptures depicting food items.

Diane Gelman’s “Shipley’s” painting. $ 500, through the artist. (The Sawyer Yards Elevators, 1502 Sawyer St., Studio 209, Houston;

Pop images are often featured on the clothes of my wish and gift lists – recommended discussion threads to stand out in the crowd at the Dallas Art Fair.

Won’t you get this under the tree: a cheeky little baseball jacket by Texan artist on display at CAMH, Thedra Cullar-Ledford. $ 115, via Vaughan Mason Fine Art, Houston. (Heidi Vaughan, [email protected],

American and vernacular roadside images are permanent inspirations to give (or get), especially in the area of ​​photography.

Road Trip: “Dee’s Pitt Stop” by Patty Carroll, 1998. $ 1,000, via PDNB Gallery, Dallas. ([email protected],

Additionally, a propensity for handbags is reflected in the overview that follows.

“Homemade Hermès Birkin Bag (Aqua)” by Shelter Serra, 2018. The color reminds us of Miami Beach, like at Art Basel. $ 3,500 through the Public Trust, Dallas. ([email protected])

And, an important caveat: This scribe is from Pittsburgh, where much of the city observed and embraced on the 12th night – therefore the merriment, Christmas carols, feasts and gifts continued until January 6, King’s Day.

Continuing this tradition, buying gifts for friends and family has always passed December 25 in my life in Texas. For those friends I can only get together with in January, the luxury of having more time to choose a conscious – and clever – New Year’s offer restores serenity in the process of creating a gift for you. a demanding person.

So let this categorized guide be your sherpa for up-and-coming artists and their gallery owners, books to get comfortable with written by Texan authors and three jewelers who inject science, mysticism and elegance into the term boutique. local ”. Plus a few other finds, which are either defined and selected for their wit or beauty (or both), while this giver revel in the benefit of knowing their makers.

I also hope to introduce the new owner to the creator of his gift, foster friendship and other future acquisitions.

The Mystic Lyon is a promising new arts and community space in the Fifth Quarter founded by Houston artist Emily Sloan.

Farewell thought: take the time to support nonprofits before the end of the year. May you be a worthy charity Santa Claus. My favorites this year are the artists Emily sloan‘s Mystic Lyon, exhibition space and community gathering place in the heart of the Fifth Ward and Space HL in the East End.

And the founder of Space HL Paul Middendorf ‘ just started Flak magazine. For those in the world of Texan art, this is already a must read. The non-profit gallery owner / director shares his smart literary business with other creators, Michael mcfadden and Elisabeth rhodes.

Donate to Mystic Lyon via Fresh Arts, here.

One of the iconic artistic afternoons of Mystic Lyon with works by talented Fifth Ward (often unrecognized), an excellent opportunity to uncover visionary art and support the creatives of the district.

Pick up your copy of the inaugural limited edition issue of Flak magazine at The Menil Collection bookstore or at the Brazos bookstore for $ 10.

Finally, don’t let the season finale cloud your urge to trade some of the finds that will follow in the coming year. Refer to this slideshow to creatively gift for future occasions: birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, hostess gifts and housewarming – you see the picture.

Buy smart.

Scroll through all of the best art gifts in the photo gallery above or below this story.

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