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Jb Liautard Announces ‘Climax’ – A Fine Art Photography Book

Climax is the first book of JB Liautard, a gifted 27-year-old photographer who has become an essential reference in the world of mountain biking. The images of this French talent, born in Romans-sur-Isère, are distinguished by their neat aesthetics and their meticulous construction. JB Liautard, who turned to photography after falling off a mountain bike, takes a different, creative and original look at his sport.

The word “Climax” refers to the climax of a progression or story, the most intense moment.

In Turkey, Peru, Spain, Guatemala, Canada or France, near his home, JB Liautard transforms the bicycle into poetry, sport into art. He is a craftsman with a perfect image, which he tracks down with great care in the most beautiful landscapes in the world, with the complicity of the best international mountain bikers.

In Climax we find Andreu Lacondeguy, Myriam Nicole, Yoann Barelli, Kyle Strait, Thomas Genon, Kilian Bron, Jaxson riddle, Remi Thirion Where Paul Couder.

Climax will be released in November 2022 by Les Éditions Mons, which specializes in sports books and which, for example, published Turbulences, by Ben Thouard.
The 70 most beautiful photos of JB Liautard can be found in Climax, printed on 170g coated paper and assembled into a high-end object, a real art book.

Pre-order Climax here.

words of Alexis Berg (Mons Editions).