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JR’s giant participatory street art photography project comes to London


Famous French street art photographer JR is bringing his ‘Inside Out’ project to London to help celebrate the Euro. The project is a great participatory thing, where ordinary members of the audience can use JR’s photo booth truck to take self-portraits, which are then glued into a giant collage. The first stop will be Tower Bridge Road, and the truck will then travel to different parts of the city throughout the tournament.

The idea is to create giant and improvised public works of art that the inhabitants themselves participate in the realization. Over 400,000 people in 138 countries have participated in the past, and now it’s London’s turn. If you think ‘400,000? Are you sure? Looks like a lot of people, ”listen, that’s just what I’ve been told. Contact Ofcom or the Advertising Standards Agency, I’m just an intermediary here. Either way, the project is all about community and unity and nice things like that. The project will be part of the new open-air art gallery in Wembley Park, where the work will be on view throughout the competition and until September.

All the information you need is here.

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