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La Petite Boutique: Art, crafts and local products


Yvonne (left), Heather and Colleen in The Little Shop at Ridgway St. Photo / Paul Brooks

Coming from an association formed in the recent retail business The Market Place, three friends joined artistic forces and creative energy to make The Little Shop the newest addition to Ridgway St.

Right next to The Gat Shack, The Little Shop is a colorful display of artwork and crafts.

Colleen, Yvonne and Heather filled the shop with their own work, as well as that of other artists and artisans in an eclectic display of local arts and crafts.

The trio transformed the former barbershop into an interesting space, showcasing everything. They installed new lighting, restored its original features and reinvigorated the room.

“We want to provide local products to local people. Most people will buy local if they know it,” says Yvonne.

“I like the idea that if an artist shows up and wants to be able to exhibit their work, I love that we can provide that opportunity, just try it out and see how it goes,” Heather says. .

“We have small shops within The Little Shop,” explains Colleen.

Colleen produces an array of works, including spectacular resin images that adorn the walls.

Heather exhibits beautiful glass works as well as paintings, drawings and small furniture and home decor items.

Yvonne creates children’s clothing from natural fibers, made from pure wool and recycled textiles, while her daughter Johanna is an artist whose animal portraits and artistic cards are part of the store’s appeal.

There are also wooden items from Bean Turned, Hemp Up products from Kala Flack, tableware creations from Totally Totems, and much more.

“We want it to be for everyone,” says Yvonne.

They are very happy with the location and eagerly await the people of Whanganui to learn where they are.

The Little Shop, 69 Ridgway St, next to the Gat Shack. Just downstairs from Patrick’s Book Shop. Check it out.


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