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Library Street Collective “Asymmetry” Exhibition Art

In addition to helping build a new arts campus in Detroit, Library Street Collective has just opened a new joint exhibit featuring the work of Robert Moreland and Jacqueline Surdell. “Asymmetry” presents an alluring synergy between two new bodies of work that seem radically different but are linked in universally complementary ways.

Immediately, the mythical textiles of Surdell offer an enchanting entry into the exhibition. Crafted through a labor-intensive process that accentuates repetition, color, and form, the Chicago-based artist questions what can be created by emphasizing these formal elements. The resulting pieces are both sacred and modern – a fusion of color and line, connecting and disconnecting through a calming ripple.

Although conceptually similar, Moreland takes a very different approach to shape, color and form. His flattened canvases are handmade with leather hinges and metal rails that the Los Angeles-based artist uses to add a layer of mystery to his flattened 3D compositions.

When seen together, a stimulating dialogue emerges between the simplicity of Moreland’s art and the complexity of Surdell’s textiles. “Asymmetry” is on view at Library Street Collective until May 4, 2022.

Also on view, step into the techno-surreal world of Botond Keresztesi at The Hole NYC.

Library Street Collective
1274 Library Street,
Detroit, MI 48226