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Lupine the 3rd will receive tabletop RPG and art book


TMS Entertainment today revealed its partnership with Magnetic press create and publish a Lupine the 3 Tabletop RPG. This move is part of the anime’s 50th anniversary, as they seek to expose more people to the world’s greatest gentleman thief and his gang of cohorts, giving you the chance to play an RPG system entirely. trained that will take you around the world on various adventures as you pass Interpol. In addition to the TTRPG, they will also be producing an anime-related art book. You can read more about both below with a few quotes from both companies, however, we don’t have a set release date at this time or anything to show from either book as they are still in progress.

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Created at the end of the 60s by the famous mangaka Monkey punch, TMS product Lupine the 3, the first animated series which debuted on October 24, 1971 and has since spawned over 250 serialized episodes and numerous original animated and animated video (OVA) feature films. He is most widely recognized for the 1978 feature film Lupine III: The Castle of Cagliostro who marked the directorial debut of Hayao miyazaki. While the series has evolved over the decades, the energetic style and jazzy globe-trotting adventures remain true to the heart of the property.

Tabletop RPG will give players the opportunity to take part in frantic adventures and master thief heists around the world, with a unique open-world quest system filled with rewards and reminiscent challenges. both collectible card games and video games. RPG. The game will be released under Magnetic’s gaming imprint, Magnetic Press Play, and will use its unique “Magnetic Variant (D6MV)” rule set built on the classic D6 system made popular by West End Games with their Star Wars and Ghostbusters RPGs. originals. More details on the game will be revealed in October as part of the anniversary celebration.

The birthday table book will highlight the birth and evolution of the Lupine the 3 franchise since its manga inception by the late Monkey Punch, with a comprehensive look at every episode, feature, and season produced by TMS Entertainment over the years. The book will also include a near-encyclopedic look at the central characters and supporting actors throughout the series, along with various media adaptations and a gallery of artwork that will keep fans old and new alike entertained.

Lupine the 3rd will receive tabletop RPG and art book
Credit: TMS Entertainment

“We are absolutely delighted to partner with Magnetic Press to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lupine the 3 franchise “, said Masami tokunaga, Senior Vice President of TMS Entertainment USA, Inc. “Growing up with the show, I can’t begin to describe how incredibly exciting it was to watch the show Lupine the 3 the universe expands and evolves over the years. I look forward to the release of these new offerings from Magnetic Press, as they will give fans the opportunity to experience Lupine in a way like never before; I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this momentous anniversary. “

“As a lifelong anime fan, Lupine the 3 has always been a big favorite, ”said Mike kennedy, founder and publisher of Magnetic Press. “The charm, the spirit and the thrills of this whole series, from Lupine The 3: The Castle of Cagliostro to the latest Lupine III: The First, have transcended the test of time to become a staple of fun entertainment. We’re excited to not only capture this story in a beautiful Anniversary Coffee Table book, but to provide a gateway to this universe through a new tabletop RPG. “

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