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Octagon Art Festival is coming to Ames – Iowa State Daily

The Octagon Center for the Arts will exhibit approximately 85 visual artists from several other states, which will include dance and music performances as well as food vendors.

The 51st Annual Octagon Art Festival will return along Main Street in downtown Ames from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. Admission is free and inclusive for all ages. There will also be a youth activity area with face painting, balloon art and more.

The Octagon is still looking for 50 volunteers to sign up for a two-hour shift at the art festival. If interested, register here. To support artists and keep future festivals free, consider making a donation through this donation form.

The Octagon Center for the Arts is a nonprofit, community-based arts organization that provides opportunities that hope to bring people together through art. They host the Octagon Art Festival and offer education classes, rotating exhibitions and outreach programs. For more information about the festival and its organization, visit their website.

Heather Johnson, director of the Octagon Center for the Arts, described the festival as a grand celebration of the arts, including visual, performative and culinary.

“They make such great gifts, whether it’s for the holidays or birthdays, it’s just something special to receive something that’s actually homemade by an artist,” Johnson said.

Johnson recommends using public transportation, biking, or parking farther away to avoid traffic.

“It’s a great outdoor, family-friendly event,” Johnson said. “It’s a great way to see the locals. It’s like a little community meeting.