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Plymouth Fine Art Photography Exhibition Gives Us The Picture

Over the past decade, the Plymouth Center for the Arts has hosted an annual jury-paneled photography competition that has attracted entries from across the region and beyond.

The center is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still see this year’s show online.

“The Fine Art of Photography Annual Juried Art Show 2020 at the Plymouth Center for the Arts” is organized into three online galleries parallel to the three galleries in the art center that have showcased the works in the exhibition in recent years. The Russell Gallery, The Grand Foyer and The Lindens can be found at

“We have limited exposure, only one image per artist,” said Plymouth photographer and teacher Richard Mulcahy, chairman of the centre’s photography committee. “Out of 980 applications, 169 artists were invited. “

In a written statement describing the show, Mulcahy highlights the current proliferation of digital cameras and the ever-increasing number of photographic images in our world.

“We have more cell phone cameras than automobiles,” he writes. People are “producing quantities of photographs at an increasing rate” and “seeing thousands of photographs every day”.

What makes photography an art, writes Mulcahy, is not simply representing what we see.

“We really want to capture what we live and feel,” he says. “When a photograph delivers the mood, the message, the emotion has the impact the photographer wants, it’s great!”

The images chosen for this year’s exhibition come from around the world, as well as regional artists working close to home. Dozens of artists from Plymouth and other area communities are represented, including award winners Matt Reynolds of Plymouth and Donna Parker of Milton.

Among the other winners, Nancy Bloom of Truro received the Best Show Award for her black and white photo “Bluebell”.

An award-winning color photo of Wisconsin’s Guntis Lauzums was chosen by the committee to use as a poster for another upcoming exhibition.

This year the show faced what Mulcahy called “great challenges”. Organizers learned from the experience of curating an exhibit to appear online rather than on the walls. “We can do it,” Mulcahy said.

The result of this experience is that the art center is already accepting applications for a new exhibition entitled “Transformation” to be put online from July 15 to August 20. The theme will be photographic images that “reflect this time of unprecedented change and individual challenge.”

Photographers can visit for information on the new exhibition and how to submit their work.

Robert Knox can be reached at [email protected].

Donna Parker’s photo received an award in the color photography category of the annual Jury Photography Exhibition at the Plymouth Art Center. Donna Parker

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