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Quick tip: reach out to curators and collectors to advance your career as an art photographer

Art photographers say most of the opportunities that have helped their careers have come from the relationships they’ve forged with mentors, gallery directors, curators and collectors. In “Promotional Strategies of Art Photographers to Reach Curators and Collectors,” several photographers offer tips for building these relationships.

Photographer Zora J Murff advises her students, “Always have a well-designed time off” to offer after a meeting or portfolio review. “Ask first before you give it to them, because they have people who give them things all day,” he notes. He follows up with a thank you note a week or two after the exam. And then the relationship continues, he says. “If you happen to go to an event, or if you go to the town where their gallery is located, drop them a note a few weeks in advance and ask if you can exhibit new work. Or say, “Maybe we can have a cup of coffee.”

Early in her career, Lisa Kereszi learned a trick that she applied to present her work to curators and gallery owners. “If your name crosses someone’s eyes five times, they’ll start to recognize you,” she says. When she met magazine photo editors, she saw that their booths were covered with postcards they had received from photographers. “You wanted to put your postcard on their wall, so you’re right there in their line of sight,” she says. She took the same approach to contacting galleries. When she graduated from Yale, Kereszi made a postcard from an image from her dissertation show and mailed it. “I regularly sent a handful of galleries that I wanted to work with postcards with, stopped in galleries and always said hello.” In an age when gallery directors are inundated with emails, “I would always recommend [sending] postcards, ”she says.

For more tips on promoting your Rafael Soldi and Jennifer Colten artwork, check out the full article.

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