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Rockford Art Deli Illinois Christmas Gifts Ornaments

It’s the season ! If you love finding out-of-this-world ornaments to add to your Christmas tree, look no further at Rockford Art Deli in Rockford, Illinois!

Most people have a specific color theme for their Christmas trees.

Me? I love adding random and quirky decorations to give a bit of character to mine. Whether culinary inspiration or original handmade ornaments from the Stateline.

At one of the most popular local stores in downtown Rockford, you’ll find the most crafty ornament to add to your collection! Look, it’s TOO. DAMN. CUTE.

Rockford Art Deli’s Sweatshirt Christmas Ornaments

I worked at Rockford Art Deli when these ornaments were first revealed a few years ago and was obsessed with them! They offer tiny crewneck sweaters and hoodies with “Rockford” and “(815)” on them.

Perfect for your 815 loving friends! These sell out fast, so take one while it’s still in stock!

If mini ornaments aren’t enough, take a look throughout the shop for other local gifts; blankets, mugs, pint glasses, stickers, magnets, sock monkey gear, candles, notebooks, outdoor gear, and much more..

Why should you support stores like Rockford Art Deli?

I will give you 4 reasons:

#1: It is locally owned and all about sustainability in their products!

#2: Rockford Art Deli gives back.

RAD has already donated $13,494 to local and regional organizations in 2022.

#3: They are 1% for the Planet!

Rockford Art Deli donates 1% of gross sales to a local non-profit organization focused on protecting this land.

#4: They have a shop dog, Pepperwho is the cutest puppy!

She will greet you at the front door and sell you on everything. She’s a great salesperson.

So shop local this holiday season and pick up an adorable sweatshirt ornament the next time you visit Rockford Art Deli!

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