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Shane MacGowan announces the release of his art book

Shane MacGowan announces the release of his art bookThe Eternal Buzz and The Crock of Gold is the first folio art book by Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan.

The book celebrates Shane MacGowan’s love of art. The musician has been painting since he was very young. Inspired by the French Impressionists and the avant-garde poetry of WB Yeats, the drawings illustrate the creative process of writing music. Along with sketches and self-portraits, the limited-edition book contains handwritten lyrics, stories, photographs and other memorabilia, dating from Shane’s childhood as well as the rebellious punk era.

Some of the drawings were revealed while working on The Crock of Gold, the MacGowan documentary. With the help of the musician’s mother-in-law, who kept Shane’s works, director Julien Temple was able to use them in the film. Many of them had been made out of random materials such as shopping lists and towels. MacGowan says, “As for my materials, I like pastels but I don’t really think about it. I will paint or draw on anything, with anything. I like more or less everyone from Fra Angelico and Giotto to the most recent, as Caravaggio was the last of the Renaissance before falling into expressionism”.

The book is available for pre-order through Shane MacGowan’s official website, and those who do so before Christmas will receive a handwritten certificate of ownership and a Christmas card from the author.