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Solange Knowles Publishes New Art Book ‘In Past Pupils and Smiles’ About Venice Biennale Final Performance

Solange Knowles, Grammy Award winner and visual artist, has released a new art book celebrating her closing performance at the 58th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition in Venice, Italy.

Title In former students and smilesthe 188-page monograph features written contributions and conversations with creators including Aaron Cezar, Chloe Wayne Sultan, Greg Bryant, Kyle Luu, Carlos J Soto, John Torres, Imogene Strauss, Virginie “Gin” Moreira, and the Musical Ensemble by Solange.

According to the press releases, the book was “designed by Saint Heron, designed in collaboration with Querida and published by Anteism” and “reflects the live kinetic energy of the Biennale performance, revealing the photography of negative portraits, the precise, die-cut scenography and lighting.

Knowles spoke about his curation of the book and how it reveals his creative process and philosophy.

“It was really a pivotal moment for me: negotiating between my practice as a theater-based practice and a performance art practice,” she said. “These two spaces were able to sit side by side in this room, and that clarified a lot for me. The ways that these two worlds need to exist together, and both are valid expressions in my work.

“The fact that this piece was at the end of a series of performances was very symbolic for me,” she continued. “Step away from the center and pulse of this performance opened up a lot of space for me to create worlds without having to be seen in the world. It was a highlight for me to recognize the power and strength of the each person’s intentionality for these performers and artists.

Cezar, director of the Delfina Foundation and co-curator of “Meetings on Art” at the 58th La Biennale De Venezia International Art Exhibition, praised Knowles for her artistic ingenuity and ability to seamlessly transition through multiple methods. of creative expression.

“For the Venice Biennale’s first official program of performances, we spotlighted artists who are defining this performance and the next generation,” Cezar added. “Solange is at the forefront of this movement of artists who approach performance not as a medium but as a way of dealing with the world around us. Spanning music, movement, design and the visual arts, her practice breaks out of accepted categories and genres and critically questions why these boundaries exist in the first place.

In former students and smiles is currently available for purchase on the Knowles website.