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Spoiler-Filled Pages From The God Of War Ragnarok Art Book Have Popped Wild And Ringed Online

A game insider has discovered various new pages full of spoilers from God of War, Ragnarok.

It was pretty cruel, but we’re only months away from the release. I’m expecting a big triple-A release, so it only makes sense that potential leaks would pop up more frequently, with a few recent ones on the note that might eventually leak out, and the art book cover gives a bit more than it should have.


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This image of Odin was leaked by Dusk Golem, an insider known for leaking games from Capcom and Konami, and it appears they have other photos from the art book shared online by a Redditor. If the pictures are wrong, you are probably wrong.

God of War Ragnarok more leaks from GamingLeaksandRumours.

The images, which were shared by Redditor gabriel 4434, again appear to be taken from the game’s art book and show a variety of different scenes and concept art, all covered in “Dusk Golem was here”. It’s a tough decision based on the watermark, but some of them give more details about the realms of the games, while others show scenes we haven’t seen yet. None of them are massive spoilers, overall and on the same level as the Odin design reveal, but they’re clearly things Sony Santa Monica doesn’t want to see there just yet.

One of the images shows how Kratos fought Thor, namely no one using the Leviathan Ax or the Blades of Chaos. While guaranteed, this is arguably the biggest spoiler of the bunch as it’s something we haven’t seen in the trailers yet. Here’s a pic, although it doesn’t look like what some think Heimdall is.

The rest of the images show different characters from each other’s kingdom to faction, namely and showing some of the biggest astrological gods in the game standing up for a second, dwarves, manland and elves, and even a little description of who they are in the world.