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Springbrook Art Portrays Dreams in Bassett |

Patients, visitors and caregivers at Bassett Medical Center can view the work of local artists in a newly installed art exhibit in the BMC cafeteria.

“What is in a dream? is an array of square tiles, each contributed by a Springbrook student, resident or staff member, according to a press release from Bassett. Together, they form “a unified mosaic-like pattern” spanning the northeast wall of the dining room, according to the release.

Each mini-composition is intended as a glimpse into the dreams of its creator. Dreams include sleeping dreams, daydreams, personal desires or aspirations for the future.

Some squares represent a scene or an image. Others include words, phrases, or icons. Others are an abstract mixture of painting or multimedia.

The project is part of Bassett’s “continuing interest in integrating the arts into health care,” the statement said.

“Collaborating with Springbrook is mutually beneficial for Springbrook and Bassett Medical Center,” said Gerald Paciello, manager of spiritual care and volunteer services and chair of BMC’s Arts in Health committee. “Springbrook students have the opportunity to share their gifts and talents with others. and our hospital community benefits from their art. Their creative expressions have a direct effect on us, elevating our holistic well-being. and this collaboration also connects us to our local community and celebrates diversity.

“When we asked the Springbrook community of residents, students and staff to share their dreams for this collaborative project, everyone did their best,” said Kira DeLanoy, Springbrook’s director of marketing and public relations. “This is exemplified when the panels are brought together and highlighted. The final work exemplifies the power of unity and perseverance of the Springbrook community and the people we support. We are grateful to everyone involved in this project and to the Bassett Healthcare Network for sharing these dreams with the wider community.

Springbrook provides supports and services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. His community supports more than 1,300 people and their families. Springbrook “is striving to create a comprehensive learning experience that makes every day a chance to discover, build and grow,” the statement said. “What is in a dream? will be exhibited until the end of the summer.