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Stolley House open for Art In the Park

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – Dozens of people were in Stolley Park on Sunday for two different events: Art in the Park and Stolley House tours.

Art in the Park had several vendors selling a variety of products. Attendees sold jewelry, wall hangings, quilts and more.

At the same time, tours were taking place at Stolley House to teach viewers about the rich history behind the building.

William Stolley bought a log cabin in 1858 with a single red cow. The Stolleys raised ten children at home – the six girls slept in the attic and the four boys slept in the barn.

“This two-room cabin is like I said where they raised this big family, their youngest daughter is Olga and she was born in 1882,” Hall County Historical Society president Fred Roser said. “Now they made an addition to this house in 1895 which they completed in 1896.”

Later an addition was made to the house where they added four more bedrooms. At that time, only two children lived in the house.

A unique aspect of the addition was that all bedrooms had fitted wardrobes, which was not as common at the time.

Roser said the Stolleys were open-minded people.

“Fort Independence was supposed to protect the local population from the native Pawnee population, but the Stolleys were very good friends with the Indians… Whenever Grandma Stolley baked pies, bread, whatever, she made a extra because she knew the Indians would come and take some, Roser said, but they would never take it all and always leave a gift in return.

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