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Sunflowers Abound at Snyder County Libraries Wine and Art Night | Life

Saturday night, October 1, was dreary and wet as I headed to Shade Mountain Winery for the Snyder County Libraries Wine and Art Night.

But, I entered into a sunny experience. Sunflowers were everywhere! They stood out in the beautiful arrangements adorning each table and, to be quite telling: They have always been my favorite flower and they are the national flower of Ukraine. What a delight …

I hadn’t been to the Wine and Art event since 2019 (the “before time”). It was wonderful to be back. I registered with Pam Ross, Director of Libraries. Then I saw Caroline Zimmerman, owner of Shade Mountain. We both agreed that it had been too long.

It’s a joy to be back on stage after too many months without doing something I love.

It was beautiful to see Kay Poeth, reporter for the weekly Union/Snyder County Times. We chatted for a few minutes. I greeted Carol Handlan, “top banana” Brewfest and next year Carol’s event will be on my list after missing it for a few years. He will turn 15 in 2023. I met Carol’s sister, Kay Majofsky who recently moved to Selinsgrove from Rising Sun, Md. She loves living in our valley. Kay had a chat with a board member Lee Knepp, who lives in McClure. Chairman of the Library Board Bob Bertram was busy circulating. I was able to say a quick hello.

Wine and Art presented a silent auction, with online bidding and raffles. The 50/50 raffle worked well. Brett Alexander provided the music. I liked to hear “Norwegian Wood”, “King of the Road” and “Folsum Prison Blues”.

Leza Hepler was the featured artist. Leza’s stained glass window is beautiful. She also has an affinity for sunflowers, beautifully created in stained glass. Other pieces depicted the sun, sailboats, flowers and more. I had the opportunity to discuss with Toby Skinner as we browsed Leza’s works.

I was happy to meet Mitch Alday, a library worker. Mitch and Pam Ross were in charge of running the auction and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Thanks to you two!

Laurie Knitter, Lizzy Baldwinand Leslie Jenkins were in good spirits during the evening. So many guests were thrilled to be at this great event. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Kelly Filler. Kelly had fun looking at potential stained glass Christmas presents (it’s never too early).

Talk about good humor—Bobbi Owens, Karen and Art Bowen, and Don Rowe were enjoying every minute of the evening’s event and I loved kibitzing with them.

Wendy Hummel was busy making sure the evening was going well, but took a few minutes to chat. It was nice to see Wendy again after what seemed like an eternity. It was the same to see Stacey Napoli. We had many moments of memory, before the pandemic.

I spoke with Steve and Angie Marsinic. We all agreed that it was nice to be outside again. Even with Cheryl Stupf who was there with her husband, John.

The tables were lovely, with shimmering gray and black tablecloths adding to the charming ambience.

Each guest received tickets for two glasses of wine or for beer. Water was also available. The food was prepared by Wendy De Osambela, Deo Kitchen. Wendy is looking for a new space in Selinsgrove and I hope she finds one very soon. His food is fabulous! Guests were treated to beef patties stuffed with potatoes and cheese, served with jalapeno sauce, a delicious corn dish, chicken skewers, empanadas, chicken tamales and, for dessert,… . a flan! A magnificent range of dishes to please all palates. The servers were busy and did a great job.

Auction items included a Brewfest basket with a mixology lesson, restaurant gift certificates and an Indian dinner created by Dr. Rita Vermaa propane barbecue, paintings, a fitness package, a bouquet of the month package, getaways and much more.

What a pleasure to be on the Wine and Art Stage again. Congratulations to the staff, volunteers, donors and all those who made this event a success.

Until next time…

Look for Lewisburg’s Freddi Carlip in the “scenes” to come. She can be contacted by email at [email protected]