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Library Street Collective “Asymmetry” Exhibition Art

In addition to helping build a new arts campus in Detroit, Library Street Collective has just opened a new joint exhibit featuring the work of Robert Moreland and Jacqueline Surdell. “Asymmetry” presents an alluring synergy between two new bodies of work that seem radically different but are linked in universally complementary ways. Immediately, the mythical […]

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Banksy’s dilemma: intellectual property or art?

“This secret identity is proving to be a costly affair for Banksy, as more and more cancellation requests are filed against his trademarks, also risking any future registrations, and copyright protection poses a challenge to his personality. artistic.” LOS ANGELES, USA – OCTOBER 17: Banksy graffiti on a wall on October 17, 2011 in Los […]

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Did Art Basel announce the start to the end of COVID?

Rasmus Myrup Gerd 2021Courtesy of Galeri Nicolai Wallner The last standalone Art Basel OVR, OVR:2021 will be February 9-12, 2022, so does this signal the end of COVID? Perhaps more of an appeasement as OVRs related to physical fairs will continue for the time being. Featuring 59 galleries from 21 countries and territories, “OVR:2021” will […]

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Avatar director James Cameron’s inspirations laid bare in art book

LOS ANGELES, Dec 17 (Reuters) – Director James Cameron has created some of the most striking images on screen, from the sinking ocean liner in ‘Titanic’ to Sigourney Weaver battling an alien creature in ‘Aliens’. The original concepts and characters stem from his beginnings as a young artist in Canada, as revealed in the book […]