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Ten headphones and discs to learn the art of DJing

ONE of Jersey’s only female DJs has been overwhelmed by the response to her call for women to get into mixing music in the island’s nightclub scene.

Laetitia Green (known as Ana_Crusis on the dance floor) has sparked renewed interest among potential female DJs who haven’t had the confidence to perform.

She said: “I’ve loved drum and bass music since I was about 15 and quickly realized there weren’t really any other girls in the music scene; it’s very masculine. Jersey feels way behind with its gender balance when it comes to music.

Laetitia learned to DJ using second-hand equipment at the start of the lockdown in 2020 and quickly gathered an audience online and through an open decks event hosted by label Yanatai Records.

“That’s where my whole DJ journey started by participating in this event. I’m so passionate about it – I knew it was what I wanted to do and I had no doubt that I would get where I wanted to go.

She added: “I’m actually quite a shy person but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me and now I want to share my platform and give this gift to other Jersey girls who want to be a DJ.”

Laetitia decided to use her own platform and confidence to encourage other local female DJs to come forward by hosting her first female-only artist gig called “Awaken the Empress”.

She added that organizing her first event this summer took a lot of determination, as none of the nightclubs she approached showed interest in her idea. Eventually, she was offered a room at WYSIWYG on the waterfront. She rented her own gear, set up her own decor and lighting, then sold over 120 tickets, plus extras at the door.

“I had been teaching two girls how to mix, mix and use the software since January, so I thought organizing an all-female event would give them a platform to perform in public,” she said. declared.

“The event was amazing – it couldn’t have gone better. It warmed my heart to see how many people supported him. He made history in Jersey and many other women have now said they want to participate in the future.

When Laetitia wrote an online post offering to train two other girls in the skills required to become a DJ, she was shocked as ten young islanders came forward. She plans to split them into two groups and run twice as many sessions as she planned starting next week.

She said, “They will learn all the basics to give them a head start in DJing. I have friends with studios where they can practice and gain the confidence they will need to succeed.