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The Art of Giving in collaboration with “Bella Fleur” and “Mystique”

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 26, 2022 / — In the month of Cupid, Love for Nature was in the air at Shangri-La Dubai which proudly presented on February 18 with a deep passion to jointly promote the beauty of nature an event of “Bella Fleur” flower Shop with seashell art decor by “Mystique”.

The event where floral composition variations in a combination of seashell art personifying the beauty of life on land and under the oceans. A special workshop was organized by an experienced senior florist qualified and specialized in Europe to help customize unique flower arrangements as well as seashells which were presented by the UAE based artist – Nadiya Albishchenko – the founder of “Mystique “. Top influencers in the UAE were invited to spread the word about this unique approach to giving for any occasion.

Bella Fleur thrives to be the ultimate luxury flower gift shop in Dubai, where the art of flower giving is enhanced by the quality and craftsmanship of flower bouquets, arrangements and amenities.

Bella Fleur can proudly present its iconic Lakewood boxes in combination with Ecuadorian Infinity roses and enchanting flower arrangements in sustainable paper and Lakewood boxes.

Bella Fleur allows – where possible – its “last minute” customers to have their order delivered the same day to the door of their choice.

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more useful”, a saying of a famous American botanist, is where co-founder Bianca Rewat of Bella Fleur, can find her heart.

Bianca is a third-generation Chinese/Indian from a diverse background in Suriname, South America, and a mother of three. She has also co-owned a flower export business and a farm in Suriname for over 20 years. “To be able to say that I come from Suriname, the most forested country in the world” makes the co-founder of Bella Fleur very proud. Even prouder by mentioning that the iconic reusable Lakewood boxes, used at Bella Fleur, come from a sunken forest in Suriname.

The idea of ​​a collaboration between “Bella Fleur” and “Mystique” was inspired by the love of nature by the two business owners – Bianca Rewat and Nadiya Albishchenko.

Nadiya is the owner of a successful trading company INAS EXIM LLC running a global food trading company with an extensive experience of more than 20 years in international trade. Mothering 2 children, growing up on the beaches of the Black Sea always carried in her heart the love towards the oceans seeing the same affection in her children, she created “Mystique” – An art created by 100% recyclable, biodegradable, ocean – an eco-friendly material, which not only energizes your thoughts, but the very wildlife of each material used helps the environment create positive energy.
Currently, Nadiya is exhibiting her arts at the Shangri-la Dubai Hotel from the beginning of February to the end of March, expressing her support for underwater and terrestrial wildlife and the importance of protecting endangered species.

Nadiya and Bianca are in discussion for other projects in the near future to express their passions in creating mutual gifting concepts that would be an exciting combination – A gift from nature, for nature lovers and admirers . An invaluable combination with a Nobel cause.

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