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The Office’s Rainn Wilson Reveals the Best Dwight Schrute Artwork He’s Ever Received

“The Office” has, of course, inspired passionate fans since its on-air debut (per Mashable). Part of the reason fans remain so devoted to the show is that the show’s stars have almost universally embraced the love and support bestowed upon them. The same goes for Rainn Wilson, who happily discussed his wealth of Dwight Schrute-inspired swag during a 2020 video interview for “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, telling Clarkson, “I get presents from Dwight Schrute all the time.” Wilson then pointed out that much of the artwork seen in the background of the shoot was actually sent to him by die-hard fans of “The Office.”

The actor went on to say that, sadly, his all-time favorite piece of fan art wasn’t on display, even though it looked like a delightfully Schrutian piece of art. According to Wilson, “The best Dwight artwork I’ve ever had…someone took a beet and carved Dwight’s face out of the beet. And it was so beautiful.” He quickly marveled at how long it took to etch Dwight into the vegetable before lamenting that he didn’t take a photo of the artifact before it decomposed. Decay aside, Wilson still spoke fondly of the work, saying, “It was like one of those beautiful works of art that came and went, like a snowflake.”

As Clarkson notes, such works are best appreciated in the moment. Judging by Wilson’s comments, that’s precisely what “The Office” star did.