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The Wellin Museum of Art presents “Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine”


Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine invites visitors to collaboratively realign and reconfigure the Dietrich exhibition gallery at the Wellin Museum of Art. Visitors touch and turn hollow black beams, setting in motion a spatial cause-and-effect relay. The walls separate and slide, creating new lines of sight, while the light tracks move up and down, altering the brilliance of the gallery. Conceptually, the works explore how our actions – both individually and collectively – shape the spaces we inhabit. The exhibition invites improvisation and mobilizes group dynamics, raising awareness of the collaborative experience of inhabited architecture.

For Oppenheimer, the museum space is a place of experimentation, where visitors experience the curiosity and joy of transforming works of art themselves. In Sensitive machine, these works – or “instruments,” as the artist calls them – contain trajectories and connections that can be learned through a process of collaboration with others or repeated activation. By discovering these paths, visitors get to know the works through movement, touch and sight, creating a multisensory experience. In Oppenheimer’s words, “you have to enter the temporal web for the work to exist. ” In Sensitive machine, the audience has the power to decipher and explore the intertwined links through shared and collaborative touch.

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Sarah Oppenheimer: Sensitive Machine continues at the Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College (198 College Hill Road, Clinton, NY) until December 5, 2021. The exhibition is curated by Tracy L. Adler, Director of Johson-Pote, Wellin Museum of Art.

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