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Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom hosting an art competition; kids can win gift card prizes

RICHMOND, Virginia (WDBJ) – For nearly 30 years, Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom has been doing exactly what its name suggests.

“Our goal and mission is to teach children and youth all about agriculture and connect them to the origin of all their food and basic needs,” said Tammy Maxey, Director of Programs by Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom.

This year, the nonprofit awarded 61 grants across the Commonwealth for a total of $ 30,000.

“The most popular items for grants range from egg incubators to farming experiments to horticulture to hydroponic towers,” Maxey said.

Anything that gives children a hands-on learning experience in farming. Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom has recently started taking on challenges for students and teachers. Right now, they are challenging students in a Thanks to a Farmer art competition. This year’s theme is “Healthy Foods, Healthy Families”.

“You can sketch and do your basic art, plus 3D art where you use another method and another mode and finally you can use graphic art,” Maxey explained.

Students of all ages can participate.

“We will have categories for elementary, high school and high school students, and we will also have categories relating to the type of art they submitted to our program. And we will select the winners from each category, ”said Maxey.

The deadline to submit a work is Friday, November 19. Take a photo of the artwork and email it to [email protected] The winners will receive prizes in gift cards.

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